Doctor Sagi Arnoff

Neurosurgeon of the Highest Qualification Category

Doctor Sagi Arnoff

Doctor Sagi Arnoff is one of the world’s largest specialists in the field of neurosurgery, which owns all the modern technology in his speciality. Besides, he conducts a scientific activity, publishes numerous scientific articles and participates in international symposia in the area of neurosurgery.


  • Neurosurgeon of the Highest Qualification Category.
  • Correction of facial bones and the skull, endoscopic skull base and pituitary surgeries.
  • Treatment of aneurysms, vascular defects, cavernous malformations, intracranial haemorrhage.
  • Treatment of benign tumors.
  • Trigeminal neuralgia surgery (Fothergill’s disease).
  • Brain vessels surgeries.

Clinical Experience

  • 2007 – till present time: Neurosurgeon and Deputy Head of the Neurosurgery Department.
  • 2005 – 2007: MD-PhD student at the Department of Cerebrovascular Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.
  • 1998-2004: neurosurgeon and an Emergency Room Physician, then a senior neurosurgeon.


  • Graduated from Tel-Aviv University Sackler Faculty of Medicine.
  • Specialization in the largest Israeli clinic “Sheba Medical Center”.
  • Training in the clinic at the University of Pittsburgh (USA).
  • Training in Barcelona clinic – specialization in endoscopic neurosurgery.
  • Training in Virginia University (USA) during two years, where he specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with the brain vessels.

Academic work experience

  • 2007 – present: Visiting Professor at the University of Virginia Medical Faculty, USA.
  • Dr. Sagi Arnoff is the author and co-author of a large number of scientific papers and articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals of neurosurgery.

Memberships in professional organizations

  • Member of the European Research Network on Intracerebral Haemorrhage (EURONICH).
  • The honorary member of Focused Ultrasound (FUS) Foundation, which develops treatments using image-guided focused ultrasound.
  • Member of Israel Neurosurgical Society.


Brain of tumors